The Polypipe Coating System The innovative coating & technology.

Efficient Pipe CoatingYour solution on the market of
gentle pipe rehabilitation.

The innovative coating technique: without opening walls, interfering with the building structure or long waiting times.

No demolition and chiselling work necessary

Our process works without interfering with the fabric of the building.

Low odor and low noise

An efficient and certified method for internal pipe rehabilitation.

No disruptions during operation

The minimally invasive renovation work means that operations can continue undisturbed.

Shorter working and waiting times

The RabbitResin hardens within a few minutes.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Our polyurethane resin contains no styrene or carcinogens and has a shelf life of 20+ years.

Complete documentation

The cloud-based "RabbitControl" app reliably documents every step of the renovation.

Polypipe Keyvisual

The procedure in detailPipe rehabilitation with the RabbitCoater: how does it work?

TV inspection as preparation for successful refurbishment

A TV inspection of the pipes allows you to take a close look at any damage. The condition of the pipe is documented and the procedure is decided based on this: if, for example, there is damage that exceeds one centimeter in size, the damaged area is repaired selectively (partial repair, e.g. short liner).

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The pipe is cleaned and dried before coating.

Thorough preparatory work is essential for coating the pipes. Before the Polypipe Coating System is used, the pipes are thoroughly cleaned and dried. This can be done using a cleaning chain or abrasive panels, which gently but effectively remove deposits. After a brief inspection, the pipe can be coated using the RabbitCoater.

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Sprühen und Bürsten mit dem RabbitCoater

Der RabbitCoater bietet die Möglichkeit einen Sprüh- oder Bürstenkopf zu verwenden. Sprühen: Bei gradlinigen Rohren mit leichten Bögen, kommt unser Sprühkopf zum Einsatz. Der luftangetriebene Hochleistungssprühkopf verteilt das Harz punktgenau und sehr fein distribuiert auf die Rohrinnenseite. Somit erhalten wir ein perfektes Ergebnis und eine ebenmäßige Auftragsschicht, die in wenigen Minuten trocknet. Auch in Abzweige sprüht das Harz einige Zentimeter hinein. Bürsten: Bei stärkeren und vielen aufeinanderfolgenden Bögen oder Muffenversätzen wird die Bürstentechnik eingesetzt. Die breiteren Borsten passen sich ganz leicht an die Biegungen an und erreicht die kleinsten Einkerbungen. Die Bürsten erhältst du bei uns für alle gängigen Rohrdurchmesser (DN 40 – DN 200).

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Made by Polypipe

RabbitCoaterThe machine for gentle pipe rehabilitation.

The RabbitCoater with spray and brush technology is compact, handy and powerful - the perfect combination for your rehabilitation.

The machine technology has proven itself in the rehabilitation of large pipe lengths DN 40 - DN 200 and delivers excellent results. Thanks to the iPad and the cloud-based software with a user-friendly interface, seamless documentation is no longer a problem.

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Advantages as a Polypipe partner

  • Use the innovative coating system to your advantage
  • Offer your customers reliable and long-term solutions
  • Look forward to intensive training and continuous support
  • Always stay up-to-date with technical developments
  • Everything from a single source

Become a partner now

  • Detailed and individual advice
  • Tailored to your area of application, your customers and economic goals

  • Working together on a solution for your financing options
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  • Intensive training from your staff in our training center
  • Support from our experts on your first construction site with the RabbitCoater

  • Customized sales documents in print and digital
  • Support and advice for the optimal marketing of your new service

  • Our technical support team is always on hand with help and advice if you have any questions
  • At the annual industry meeting, we develop joint strategies and benefit from the exchange of experience

"A daily construction site is now really a daily construction site. You can now adapt your working hours more to your own needs. In the past, the day was strictly timed due to the long drying times. That no longer exists."

Fabian Eysert Employees at rohrgroup GmbH

We've often had our eye on spray and brush technology for pipe rehabilitation, but so far none has impressed us as much as the RabbitCoater from Polypipe. We were impressed by the clean operation and easy handling of the machine as well as the service, from the training in Freudenberg to the on-site support.

Marcel Fies CEO at Fies Abwasserservice

"When working with the coating system, there is much less waste, such as blue paper and the like. The machine is super easy to maintain and uncomplicated to use. So uncomplicated and clean that we will soon be able to drive to the construction site in our suits ;-)."

Lars Jortzig Employees at rohrgroup GmbH

PROGNOSIS FOR THE FUTURE: Take advantage of the high market potential in Germany, which, with around 45 million buildings and over 22 million kilometers of wastewater pipes, has a theoretical volume of several billion euros.

Dipl. Ing. Sebastian Beck Expert for in-house rehabilitation