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RabbitCoater Schulung

Trainings Center We'll get you fit and keep you up to date for the construction site: Polypipe offers a variety of intense and informative training courses.

Polypipe Trainings Center Polypipe Coating System

Learn from our experienced coating experts: they will teach you everything about the Polypipe Coating System and ensure that you and your team become experts in the coating technology. Brushing, spraying and cleaning will be easy for you.

  • intensive theoretical and practical training with the RabbitCoater
  • trainers with years of construction site experience
  • become an absolute coating expert

  • anyone who wants to become a coating expert
  • new employees of a Polypipe partner

  • you are or will be the proud owner of a RabbitCoater
  • previous experience is not necessary
  • a group size of max. 1-4 people is recommended
RabbitCoater Schulung

Dates & Signup

Training courses take place in our Training Center Siegen. Appointments are made by individual arrangement.

Trainer by Trainer Picote Trainings Center

Off to Finland: Seminars with Polypipe and Picote on the topic of "Rehabilitation of wastewater pipes inside buildings". Certified trainers will support you in working with various Picote products and train you in the different techniques and application options. You will also experience a few exciting days in Finland.

  • further training with certified trainers
  • certificate of participation in the training
  • get to know Picote products and their possible applications
  • a few exciting days in Porvoo, Finland

  • proud owners and future owners of Picote products
  • anyone who enjoys new and modern technologies

  • previous knowledge in wastewater technology is an advantage but not mandatory
Picote Trainings Center

Dates & Signup

Upcoming dates for the Picote training courses in 2024 are:
14-16.08.2024 and
Contact us for more information and registration.

Questions about Picote trainings? contact us.

Short Liner Training Short Liner Training

The short liner training in accordance with DIBt Z-42.3.523 with our experts offers a practice-oriented opportunity to learn the latest techniques in the field of short liner rehabilitation. "WILLKAT PL/SL Short Liner System" for the rehabilitation of underground damaged wastewater pipes in the nominal diameter range DN 100 to DN 500.

  • learn the necessary skills for short liner rehabilitation
  • certificate of successful participation in the training course
  • exchange with our experts

  • anyone who wants to learn tips and tricks for short liner rehabilitation

  • previous knowledge is an advantage but not mandatory
Short liner training

Dates & Signup

Appointments and locations are arranged individually.

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RabbitCoater Training
RabbitCoater Training
RabbitCoater Training
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