Polypipe Coating System.

Machine technology

Even small machines can achieve a lot: With our technologies, such as the RabbitCoater and BeeCoater, short and long pipe lengths can be coated efficiently and innovatively - without having to break through the walls.

Material & Equipment

Here you will find various materials and the necessary equipment for your ideal rehabilitation with the RabbitCoater.

The Polypipe coating system

Our coating technology is the solution for gentle pipe rehabilitation.

The system for the gentle rehabilitation of wastewater pipes from DN 40 - DN 200 installed in buildings is innovative and efficient - pipe rehabilitation without demolish open walls and interfering with the fabric of the building.

The Polypipe Coating System shortens and simplifies the amount of work and waiting times. Rehabilitation during ongoing operations in hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, apartment buildings, etc. is a major advantage when working with this innovative coating technology.