Polypipe goes RO-KA-TECH 2023

Polypipe goes ROKATECH

Polypipe goes RO-KA-TECH

Big, bigger, RO-KA-TECH: In May, the international trade fair for pipe and sewer technology was on our agenda. This time, we were not only enthusiastic visitors, but also exhibitors. A great experience where we were able to present our innovative RabbitCoater and at the same time showcase our product range of liners, technologies and equipment. The trade fair was like a special kind of class reunion: interesting and promising discussions, lots of familiar faces and the latest innovations in the pipe and sewer industry.

Live rabbit coating

Not only that: visitors and exhibitors were also able to see our RabbitCoater in action. Luca and Andree were able to marvel at our rehabilitation miracle at our outdoor booth. From spraying to busts, the two of them showed everything our coater has to offer and how or how best to use it. This attracted many curious glances, which of course made us very happy.