Wastewater cleanup and an exciting competition in Finland!


Always worth an adventure

We were back at Picote in Finland in the freezing cold. This time, the focus was not only on rehabilitation, but in particular on cleaning wastewater pipes. A special highlight was a small competition for the participants: using the Picote Grabber, the task was to free a chain slinger from a DN50 pipe with numerous bends within 4 minutes. The winner was rewarded with a stylish Polypipe sweatshirt jacket. After the practical parts, we ended the evening in Porvoo.

Bei Picote in Finland

Picote as a close partner

We visit our partner Picote in Finland at least three times a year. The program focuses in particular on topics such as cleaning and preparing pipes, partial repairs and the presentation of special tools for renovation. This also includes the use of Picote machines such as those from the Millerrange. After the varied practical exercises, we end the evenings together in the beautiful cities of Provoo or Helsinki. It's a great event that generates new ideas and interesting conversations. It's always nice to see how we can learn from each other.

Bei Picote in Finland